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Social Media Marketing Consultation

  • 149 US dollars
  • Zoom Call


During the Social Media Marketing Consultation with AutumnSkye Productions, you can anticipate a thorough and insightful discussion aimed at enhancing your social media marketing strategies. Here's a detailed breakdown of what you can expect: 1. **Assessment of Current Strategies:** The consultation typically begins with a review of your current social media marketing efforts. AutumnSkye Productions will examine your existing platforms, content, and engagement metrics to identify areas for improvement. 2. **Identifying Goals and Objectives:** You'll discuss your business objectives and what you aim to achieve through social media. Whether it's brand awareness, lead generation, customer engagement, or something else, this step helps align your strategies with your goals. 3. **Audience Analysis:** Understanding your target audience is crucial. The consultation will involve analyzing your current audience and identifying potential niches or demographics to target. 4. **Content Strategy:** You'll discuss content creation and posting schedules. This may include recommendations for the types of content that resonate with your audience, best posting times, and frequency. 5. **Hashtag and Keyword Strategies:** If relevant, you'll discuss hashtag and keyword usage to increase the discoverability of your content. 7. **Competitor Analysis:** Understanding what your competitors are doing on social media can provide valuable insights. You'll likely explore how to monitor and stay ahead of your competition. 8. **Advertising and Budget:** If you're considering social media advertising, the consultation may cover budget allocation, ad creation, targeting options, and performance tracking. Q&A and Clarifications: Throughout the consultation, you can ask questions and seek clarifications on any aspect of your social media marketing strategy. Follow-Up: You will have the option to schedule a follow-up call for 50% off the normal rate. This call will be for 30-minutes, not 45-minutes. The Social Media Marketing Consultation with AutumnSkye Productions aims to provide you with the knowledge and tools to optimize your social media presence, ultimately helping you achieve your business objectives through effective online marketing.

Cancellation Policy

Absolutely NO deposits will be refunded. You are allowed to reschedule your appointment only ONCE if notification is received at least 12 hours before your scheduled appointment.

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